Just Me

I fell like I lose myself a long time ago.  I used to play piano.  I used to love going to movies.  I used love to cook and bake.  I used love to me.  I used to me.  Now i do what everyone want me to do.  I have no life.  I work, go to school and run for everyone else.  I don't even take care of myself no more.  I just do what I need to do to get by.  I just don't know where I belong.  I don't clean up but only when I have to. I don't even want to wash dish but only when I have to.  I hate the way my house look when people come over.  I hate when my sister come over and talk to me about loosing weight.  I hate when she come over.  I just want to be me again. 

Wamanda2700 Wamanda2700
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

I know exactly how you feel. The past few years it feels like I've sort of forgotten how to be myself. I really miss how happy I always was. I'm hoping things get better for you. You deserve to know yourself again :) Keep your head up :)