English, French, And Hungarian.

Hello Everyone,

Here's my explanation for joining this group. I was born in Canada to Hungarian-born parents. Now, in terms of the first language that I first started speaking. Well, someone that I spoke to said that I have, not one, but two first languages. My first word was in English (As my mother told me). But I ended up mixing up both English and Hungarian in the same sentence. I think that is because my own mother didn't understand that much English. My mother dropped out of learning English as a Second Language and learned English by watching Sesame Street.

I have an older brother that speak both languages perfectly and separately. I just don't understand why I mixed up the two language. It became a problem when I started school. I had to drop speaking Hungarian in school and spoke more English.

However, I still mix up the two languages at home.

You might be wondering how I learned to speak some French. I'm from Canada. French and English is the official languages in Canada. I learned to speak French in school.

Although I have to mention that I am more fluent in English than French or Hungarian. I can't read or write in Hungarian. As for French, I can only speak a little bit of it.


Midnight Starr


midnightstarr midnightstarr
41-45, F
Feb 24, 2010