Trini To De Bone

So just for fun I decided if EP was really about something it must have a TRINI group where we can all old talk about our culture.

Well look at this sure nuff there is a group with 1 kiss meh *** story... really people?? So nobody have a Damn thing to say huh?

Well I am in NYC and while we have a bustling west Indian community I am still longing for an ice cold coconut by the junction and a hot doubles ...

Chase it down with a shot of puncheon and sit back by the beach. Oh how I miss my sweet sweet island.
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5 Responses Jul 1, 2012

you are the first Trini I've found on here!

Yes Complex 7 I am a proud Trini tell me the junction and the time and i go buss up a doubles with yuh ;p

It's Christmas time, so don't forget the pastels and the sorrel too!

Pastels, yes. I had to make a choice between sorrel and ponche crema this year for the sake of the waistline and sorrel lost.

I don't use eggs, so I would prefer a bit of sorrel, but not too much as it is too acidic.

Life is sweet here and sometimes bitter but I suppose that is the truth anywhere. At least we're some of the happiest people in the world. Ham is in the oven, turkey and cookies still to bake but I'm having a glass of ponche crema. Merry Christmas, fellow Trinis.

Hi Sweety, <br />
well I live in Gasparillo South Trinidad.This morning I could not stop laughting*** I bought a Doubles along the main road,the humor here is the size of the bara.If u see how big this doubles is.I call it a fry bake ha ha.I never see a big doubles so in all my life.Trinidad is really changing.When last u came back home ?<br />
The other day Iwent to POS & I see negro people selling doubles.I really get kicks over things like this.<br />
Also there is a recent spate of chinese businesses springing up all over the country the punch line here Is the name of such business places.: E.G <br />
Hang YU supermarket,Sing Hi resturant.Long Ho super market.<br />
Take it easy sister enjoy the american pie.<br />
<br />
Best regards.