This is one of my favorite shirt.
It says
Emergency plan encase a zombie apocalypse
1. Panic
3. Trip the nearest person
Lol so stupid

Excuse my face and and stuff
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Wow pretty cool good idea actually but I guess I'll be the one u tripped... DX XD

XD I probably couldn't trip anyone I would hate myself and I would have nightmares and ****. I would put a animals in a cage and get them distracted and run away. But idk I would still hate myself forever for leaving the poor animal. Ok I'm sorry you don't care XD

Haha that good to hear ur not cold hearted haha :p I think I'll do the same

Lol that's good to hear 😌

Haha 😅

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My friend has that shirt it's Hilarious

Lol yes I love how it glows in the dark.