This Is My Interpretation Of The Alignment.

Like Dr. House and Ryuk of Death Note, I'm in the middle of both axes. Animals are seen as this alignment, as they are unconcerned with morality. For me, it's less that I'm unconcerned with morality and more that my morality depends on the situation at hand. I have little fondness for the rules, but not so much so that I'm chaotic. It fits with my agnosticism--I don't claim outright that there is definitely no god, and I don't argue with religious people who have faith in one but no evidence, but neither do I believe in a god. I prefer not to go to extremes because in the past that's always led to trouble. Balance is a big thing for me. Everything bad leads to or is caused by something good, and vice versa; it'll all balance out in the end--that's how I look at it. The bad things in my past have made me strong and I wouldn't erase them for anything. Bigotry and prejudice get on my nerves. But I tend to lean a bit towards neutral good in that I would sacrifice things to help people I don't know without expecting repayment.

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That's a very good interpretation of True Neutral. I'm kind of the same way although I tend to lean more towards lawful neutral rather than lawful good. I don't see any problem with playing by the rules but I'll only follow them within reason. Some laws are unnecessary and don't make any sense.

im sorry i didnt read your story because i was distracted by your beautiful eyes:)