In The Palm Of His Hand

Growing up in church I chose to give my heart to the Lord at an early age, My family was full of minister's and we were very active in church. I remembering singing solo when I had to stand on the alter to be seen. I still enjoy singing with soundtract's when I can. Even though I got away from him for awhile when I was younger, I still alway's knew and felt him standing in quite waiting for me to come home. I did come home and he has been with me in more way's then I could explain. He has never let me down though I know that I failed him many time's. We talk every day and he has never failed to answer a single prayer, maybe not the way I wanted, but he answered them. He promised me that all I had to do was call on him and he would hear my cry and I have cryed out for him many time's. As one of his children I yearn for the day that I will join family gone before me to look upon his face. To be able to thank him for all he gave for me. I have placed my faith in my lord and savior and it shall remain there until he call's me home.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Jul 22, 2010