Keep Your Heart Safe

It is our free will whom we choose to trust. And it is also our responsibility that we protect our hearts. We can let some people occupy our hearts but don't ever give it away. Our hearts belongs to us only. Only we are responsible of their well-being. I was too naive in the past, hoping that by letting someone in, he would take care of my heart. I was careless and did not realize the owner of this heart was me. There will always be a way for that important person to break our hearts. If he breaks it, there is no point blaming.  After all, we choose to trust this person. Learn to guard your heart. He too, has his own heart to protect. How can a person protect two hearts at the same time?
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5 Responses Apr 5, 2012

Yes totally agree with this. Keep your heart safe guard at all times. The heart is foolish but that is why we use our minds at the same time to make smart decisions and choices.

oh my yes, we must protect our heart. there is a time and a place to give it, but i have had mine ripped to shreads. good luck.

I have never looked at it that way, but it does make sense. Our society emphasizes the individual over the whole in everything else, why not love too.... Makes me a bit sad to think that we can never truly trust another with our hearts, but, like you, I have learned the hard way and guard my heart. Great story!

Sometimes people get to own my heart because they steal it, and that is a kind of heartbreak too. Thank you for your insightful story.

Sometimes we allow our hearts to fall into a trap. High expectations causes high percentage of pain. Thank You for this insightful post.