Misconceptions About Christians

Misconception #1--Some people think that because we are Christians we  no longer are capable of reacting to negative stimulus or getting angry.

FACT--- we are still human and just like God we have feelings too. We also get angry, but now that we are Christians, we get angry but also FORGIVE right away. We do not keep the anger in our heart for too long coz just like a seedling plant it will become a giant tree that can be difficult to uproot when left alone.

Misconception#2-- We are nosy people. We meddle in other people's affairs.

FACT--- We warn people so that the accountability are removed from us. We don't want your blood in our hands..We don't want God asking us "Why did you not warn her/him when you know that will lead to his/her doom?" We are really afraid to make enemies...when we warn people...so when a Christian warns you, thank her/him coz she mustered enough courage to warn you despite her expectation to lose you as a friend. she/ he is only after your best interest.

Misconception #3-- Christian do not sin anymore.

FACT--We still do...but we do our best not to give in this time...but sometimes we still stumble and try to bounce back and get up again..In the Holy Bible it is said that ALL people sin. those who claim that they never sin anymore does not have the Biblical truth in them..


pinklipstick pinklipstick
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Jul 28, 2010