White Chocolate Chip Chunky Addiction

I need reasons why I should not eat the cookies. Every morning I see them as I walk through the kitchen. My bedroom opens to a small hallway that lead through the kitchen. You must pass through there to get to all other rooms of the house. I cannot walk through there without grabbing a cooking in the morning. That is my breakfast. Then after a few minutes I have another and another.Sigh. No self control when it comes to cookies. I am so proud of the 50 pounds I have lost since August 2011. It wasn't a hard journey but it did require effort. I no longer drink sodas. I am not a chip or snack cake eater. Mello Yello was my addiction but then it was just one a day and if I didn't have that one, I would suffer a terrible headache. It was the caffeine that I craved. I couldn't even substitute it with a Mountain Dew, I didn't get the same caffeine. I kicked that habit but I cannot give up the cookies. I guess I am lazy, I don't like eating breakfast. I know that is a terrible habit and it's the most important meal of the day. But that one, two, or three cookies will get me through the morning. My messed up brain. I know all the simple solutions- Don't buy them -but my son and hubby like them. Put them somewhere else-maybe, but if I really want them I will just go get them. I probably need to picture them as something really disgusting. I would love suggestions on why I shouldn't eat them. Convince me.
raebaby88 raebaby88
46-50, F
Jan 10, 2013