I Feel That I Am Lost Forever.

Within my heart... love, hate, loneliness and remorse.
Within my mind... happiness, anger,sorrow and confusion.
Within my soul... light and dark.
Things happen for the better or worse. Anything can drag me down.
Constantly I am tested, always influenced.
In the end there is choice. Everyday I face my demons. Either fight or give in.
We all deal with pain. Choose to feel numb, let it show, cry, bleed. I do all at one time or another.
I have lost hope, and do not think I can ever get it back.
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41-45, F
6 Responses Nov 10, 2011

I have some other friends online going through some things too. They haven't shared all the details, but have shared that they are "losing themselves". I'm hoping they don't go the FUBAR route. <br />
<br />
Take care of yourself. <br />
<br />
by the way...love your AVATAR.

Thanks for sharing your feelings. I'm sorry you have had some bad experiences. I know I can relate to some of this. I've come out on the other side now...lucky.

it is hard. i have strong moments of deep despair too, crazy highs and lows that have led to bad choices. i am unsettled. if i stop and feel or focus on the things i despise it makes me crazy and pulls me down farther. but it is so tough not to let that happen. it is hard when we can't talk about things with anyone and get isolated. i have things i just cannot talk about. i spend too much time alone. feel different from other people. i wish it was easier. i think a lot of people struggle like this and more people have issues than we realize.

yup... I was diagnosed with a mental illness about 6 years ago.

what human feel is not always right. never believe on feelings. you are in charge of your own being. you have to guard your inner world to feel those things that create image of your life that you have potential but you need dear to initiate it. you are free to do whatever you need to do to keep your inner world peaceful. your inner peace is essential for your health and well being. live this moment happy your life is this moment.

I am FUBAR.... ****** up beyond all recognition ......

There is always hope until your last breath. <br />
Keep talking and writing... <br />
keep digging deep and focus on healing and love<br />
<br />
I sense you have that fight in you.

Really I don't have the fight in me.....

Find it... if you have the energy to come here and write about your experiences, then you do.

Do you want to get better?