Its Hard To B A Real Good Christian!!!

Brother, its hard to be a good christian, to LOVE on purpose even when you really dont feel like it. To give up all the stuff that you know is wrong, the pleasureable things, you know, things that make you feel good but you know their wrong. To leave your comfort zone and practice being helpful and kind well mostly anyway. Yes it can be pretty tough but its all WORTH it in the end.
After all Jesus suffered on that old hard cross for me and for you, yes you too, for six agonizing hours. Just picture urself now, whatever your doing and add on six hours from now, thats how long he hung on that cross for. So you see it certainly is worth it. I dont want my sweet saviour going through all that pain only for me to have it eeeeeasy all the time when there are so many lost souls out there. I will tell the world always that Jesus died for us and loves us all very much no matter how bad we are or might have been, If we are truely sorry and try real hard not to repeat them he is faithful and just to forgive us and give us a brand new life. You see everyday truely is a new begining we just have to believe that and walk in his ways. God is so cool that he blesses us and gives us good things so all we have to do is ask ,believe and trust in him.and love and help people, In Christ Jesus its not important how you start in life its the end that makes the real difference, in Him all failures can turn out great so Dont worry be happy its all good, Life may be hard at times but I assure u deep down Im real happy you can be to
suziecute suziecute
46-50, F
Jul 21, 2010