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All The Time!

Every second without knowing from you is torture. I canot help but imagining the worst case scenarios, where you are in pain, and very ill, and I cannot even comfort you with my words, and my long distance kisses.

Every second of every day I am trying so hard to survive this eternal longing and waiting... and not knowing when/if the waiting will stop drives me crazy. I don't know what to do anymore...  I'm so tired... and yes, I love you more than ever. 

If only I knew you are alright... my plushie... my prince charming... if only...
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 16 Responses Jun 29, 2010

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THAT'S EXACTLY how I Feel!!! T-T

It feels like walking on a cloud to see you again... but I am glad to know you are well. I was very afraid you would be in pain.

Thank you Paco XxX

My best wishes are with you.

yes... a hug is what i need the most mmm

Thank you so much my dear friend... I am so very heart broken... but at least he is ok, and that means everything to me...

Thank you, I love you for being here... I would have never survived without you all x

Be brave, sweet, you will see him again, be able to touch, hold and see that smile, and he will see your beautiful smile. I know the pain you're going through, but stay strong, and we're all here to give you love and support. Never forget we are here for you :-) xx

you are so kind, thank you my darling x

Of course not. He will smile at you and that will last an eternity.

I hope not in a bag...

He will come back any time soon

He's off to war

...and time slows down and minutes are hours and days are seasons...

I am trying my best... but somehow it is never enough. This missing is just too much...

this is a heartbreaking cry, sweet meisje, be courageous...