At Least I Gave My Best Shot

What the heck.I tried to keep the feelings alive but I cannot do everything for the two of us.At some point, I succumb.Though unwilling at first, I inched painfully away from oblivion.Yet, eventually, pain and anger enveloped my total being.I fought hard, wanting to make it last another day.But as minutes passed, I lost the will to survive when I saw you standing there doing nothing at all.

So, good bye now.....Time to move on.....time to know someone else....
MyZen MyZen 36-40, F 2 Responses Nov 3, 2011

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time ticks on

so too will I be gone

I forgot what made me mad

I rember what made me sad

time ticks on

will it be long

I want it to be better

I put it in a letter

none will read

an unplanted seed

time ticks on

Wow..!..I love it...thanks, Calvinunmaker...

...time will pass

...and evrything wont last

...the feeling and memories

...all will vanish when the morning sun


Hmmn...I miss your Tagalog comment....more profound and emotionally intriguing.....