I Don't Get It

When it isn't her fault, when its not hers either, or his, or theirs but you're broken. Like if you were walking in the middle of a forest and there's a mirror up against a tree, it may have something strong to lean on and be surrounded by beauty but still broken. There is no way to tell how it got that way or why it is or where the missing pieces even went but that's how it resides. I don't know why I'm broken, no one I love is breaking me. Maybe it's the fact that who I don't love broke me and I struggle to love now. Too many let downs? Too many put downs, being cut down? But what about now? That was then. This is different. There is hope all around me and a specific hope that keeps be from completely shattering. And through that thought it makes me try. And I mean try. Not just half *** it or something. I mean tooth and nails fight fight for my life. It's not simple. It's only similar. It's hard and I'm trying. I swear that to everyone. I am trying.
MisfitToys MisfitToys
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013