Did I Do The Right Thing As A Lover And Mom

I been with my man for five years since 2004 on Dec 30, 2010 he got lock up for robbering . This what happen first I got arrest first then when I brought to jail with my son I am all by myself . Me and my baby father was separate but still in love I was in no way of getting out of jail only if I told where I got the thing from I knew if I did not get out ACS would take my little one. So I had to tell where I got this I wrote a statement and I was able to get out then they lock me up . He tell eeryone that I lock him up by telling on him but  I had no choice . I am going though alot of things he say to the people I know a lover would not do that no boyfriend I feel bad he face 18 month in treatment and 3 years not getting in trouble or he go back to jail.He think I have a other lover while he in jail because I finally got a new coach the one i had was **** up and getting myself together making me feel even drinking relaxing tea in the morning. please write back and giving me your feedback or comments.I need some feedback.

ruthlovely1969 ruthlovely1969
36-40, F
Feb 20, 2010