What Is true love?


What is "true love"? What if your fear of being hurt again, keeps you from moving forward? How or where do you begin to find true love? When and if you do happen to find a person, how do you begin to trust someone, let alone love them? I don't think I've ever been "in love" or have had a crush on anyone.

Some days....most days I rather be on my own instead of dealing with the drama  or putting the energy into a relationship that is required to make it work...but it's the future that scares me...the longer I'm alone, the more I get used to it and less I want to try to "be with someone".
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tomorrow7, I think I've figured it out....I hope! The partners that don't trust without good reason, those that become jealous over nothing, those that are controlling and check up on their partner...ARE the ones we need to watch out for...because everything they falsely accuse their partner of doing, they are doing themselves.

I'm glad you were able to get out and take control of life...then find a wonderful person/partner...I am sorry about his sudden passing...it must be truly difficult to finally find someone so special then to lose them. I hope you're doing okay.

You sound as though you have been badly hurt. I was badly hurt by someone who 'chased me mercilessly then having gained my trust through his attentive loving and kind (though controlling ) behaviour, l discovered he had been repeatedly and premeditating unfaithful way to me all the time, for years! actually from day one!yet he kept me on a strict leash because he was so jealous if l as much as spoke to another man! The experience left me feeling worthless and shattered, it took me 5 years to recover enough to be open to love again and love came very unexpectedly and l discovered a 'real unconditional love' l was able to put my trust in to safely, his commitment and love to me was proven time and time again. He sadly died recently but even in that he proved his love by making sure l was looked after. l had learned in that 5 years of shock and destroyed self esteem that l had been attracted to 'shallow showy men who 'chose me' and chased me for the wrong reasons. It took five years but I feel 'karma' does work her majic in the end' because l found happiness while my selfish shallow ex., did not , actually he got what he deserved, 'loneliness'. Please do not lose faith.