Obsessed With The Truth

I can't seem to stop seeking the truth and I always have to say things out loud to get them off my chest. I can't just keep them to myself unless of course I have been sworn to secrecy but even in that case they would have to be fair and just.

Why is that and do I have a condition?

It might be OCD in relation to the truth part because I do get obsessed but I know that honesty is not always synonymous with truth so I feel like I have to bite my lip. I almost punish myself by doing that as I know what I saw, heard and felt.

It doesn't so much bother me if anything is done about a particular subject I have raised or talked about in relation to the above issues it is more that I have let it out into the open. [This usually happens when I feel I am hard done by, someone has blatantly lied to me or something is just plain unjust, whether that be with me or someone else- I will defend anyone until my last breath if I feel they too have been taken for a ride- am I wrong?].

I have been contemplating on who I am and who I have become in the past 33 years; I feel like I cannot change now. To be honest I don't think I should, but I know my personality is not agreeable with many.

I just wanted to talk to someone who was perhaps showing similar traits.

I know I have sleepless nights when I'm trying to get to the bottom of something. It can't be healthy and does everyone do that or just me?

I do analyse things a lot, and I find most people in my life have an agenda.

Thank you x

CaliQueen CaliQueen
2 Responses Aug 21, 2012

I have a really similar problem in my life.i will call anyone out on a lie if I hear or see one and you get a lot of mixed reactions,and most are offended by it.i used to say,"if your offended,then you should be!".thats not always true.i have a big problem saying exactly how I feel,no matter how offensive.i know I'm doing it and I have tried not to do it.i dont know that I have lost any friends,but I do know they watch what they say around me.my family does the same thing as far as watching what they say.i have always looked at it as there is no second guessing in what I say if you are directly to the point.i think that some people are just to thin skinned and can't take brutal honesty,and that being said,it isn't us its them.

Your absolutely normal. i must say I can relate. For many years I would share the truth regardless of how it came out I wanted the truth revealed especially if you thought you were pulling the wool over my eyes I had to let you know I am NOT blind nor am I stupid but as I have grown and matured in Christ I realized that many times God was just showing me who or what I was dealing with NOT necessarily for me to expose them or what they are doing. God wants to inform us sometime but when you know the truth you pray & let God expose them or whatever the situation is but whatever you do know that you are perfectly normal. Bless you hope that helped.