I dream of my ex boyfriend for 5 consecutive nights and i hate it. But i dream of him like we were so happy and still inlove with each other. What does it mean ? 😢😒
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Its just happens whene u think about him so much this days ..do im wrong ?

Yeah i think about him because i got stressed on what he was doing and telling behind my back. But why am i dreaming about him the way like we were deeply inlove to each other. Kinda wierd

Becouse insdie ur heart u still inlove with him and u wish the things not got like the :/

I think it means you miss what you guys had..

No I'm deeply mad at him because he was so bitter these past few days i heard rumors about him talking ***** behind my back because i already had a new boyfriend

But before that.. You two were in love huh? I think you want to have that kind of love with your new boyfriend... (But I'm no doctor haha) oh and forget him. You did right for leaving him if he was being mean. He's totally jealous of you and your new bf!

How many weeks/months/years have u been apart? Cos if it's just a few weeks, I think you still haven't gotten over him. But if it's years... Hmmm, maybe u still love him?

Its been 4 months. Some says, when you dream about him he wats to see you thinks of you or he miss you. How true is that ?

But i already have a new boyfriend and he is my long time crush. And i love him. All i feel about my ex is hatred . Then why do i still dream about him ? About the two of us so happy as if were still inlove with each other ?

Maybe talk to ur new boyfriend about him. Because I believe a relationship is built on trust and honesty. If ur new boyfriend truly respects u he will listen and help you if he can. Honestly, I think don't even talk to ur ex. He's not worth u.

:/ but then again, maybe he misses u too... Yeah, talk to ya boyfriend about ur feelings I think.

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