I broke up with my boyfriend and I feel like I am dying. Dramatic ? Maybe. But it's so hard not to go back even though I know I can't
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Here's what I do when I think about how things might be able to work again - stop and realize they won't. Think of annoying habits he had. Times you fought. The reasons why you broke up. Remember why you won't work and then you can try to stop pretending they will in your head. It has helped me to try to not focus on the good times and more focus on the bad just to get over a guy.

You feel that way because you love him still and that is normal. In time the pain will ease up. Things will get better in time. I do not suggest on finding anyone else until you are ready. Try to focus on your hobbies or work to try and get your mind off of things. You will still have a scar in your heart but you will be OK in time. >HUG

How can I handle the pain now though? It literally feels unbearable

I wish this was an easy answer but it is not. I cried a lot. Yes men do cry. I lost all ability to sleep at night. At first I could only sleep 2 hours. I am up to 4 after 3 weeks. The pain has felt like someone sitting on your chest and you can barely breathe. I was not eating either. What I did was immersed myself in work and worked extra. Spent many hours here on EP as well just talking to people about my feelings. I wrote several stories to get the feelings out and cried some more. A shoulder to cry on does help if you have a friend to give you a big hug. Three weeks of hell and I can say the pain is still there but not as bad as it was at first. The day it first happened it was so bad I just wanted to die, so yes I do understand unbearable. I cannot say that time heals all wounds. This will leave you with a scar deep inside but don't let that prevent you from trying again once the time is right.

If you wish, I would be honored if you would be my friend. I have many friends now that are hurting just like you and I are. Perhaps we can help each other through this extremely difficult time. >HUG< I think you needed that.