Maybe someone can help me understand....I've had several guys complain to me about wanting a girlfriend but then when a sweet girl whose also extremely gorgeous and good in bed and everything comes along they **** her then throw her away and when a girl comes along who doesn't wear makeup is just herself he doesn't want that either. Why complain about not having a girlfriend when you had several chances and your the one who chose to only have sex with her...doesn't make any sense maybe they are just fukin stupid.
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Some Guys Just Don't Really Know What They Want.

think positive and good things happen. I will send you some love. Tomorrow will be a good day. Let it be so.

In my opinion i agree that sadly there are a lot of guys like this who are lucky enough to get girl friends but don't appreciate what they have in front of them. But there is some guys like my self who i would like to say give guys a good name ( we arent all heartless jerks ) but are never even given the chance with a nice girl who deserves to be treated well. It can work both ways because it always seems that the girls go after the " players ", when there are genuine decent guys who just get ignored

That's not always true. I'm a nice girl I don't like jerks