maybe somebody
could finally help me about this...this has troubled me for a few years, my dad acts like he doesn't care about my mom or me. we always want to do things with him but he'll go on a ride on his motorcycle or have to work. I get how he's always tired because he works 2
jobs and both at night but he says he tries to do stuff with us and I dont see any improvements in his behavior or respect towards us and we feel unwanted and un loved. my mom has caught him watching **** before and they had a huge fight and he still looks at naked girl pictures, I dont know about **** but I hate that about him and he thinks I dont know and tries to hide it which I hate. I just wish someone understood my pain and my situation. my dad has done nothing else but disappoint me my entire life. somebody please help me.
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Personally, I'm a home body. I'd rather be in bed reading a book than running around all day and, your father may just be the same way. I suggest finding activities you can all do at home and maybe that will help.

like what things at home?

What gets my family together are usually board games and things like that. It may seem cliche but, Monopoly , Checkers, or Trouble are great stress relievers and great bonding time.

thank you so much

You're welcome and I hope everything gets better with your family! :)


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Well, you said your dad works 2 jobs,so that is tiring. In his spare time he rides his bike,that is a stress reliever for him. Could you ride with him? Could you take up his interest? I cant speak for your parents relationship or them not spending time together. My only advise is for you. Try to engage your dad in something you know he likes to do. Or watch a show he likes. Anything. Im not saying the relationship depends on you,but maybe he needs to see you take an interest in him. As for your mom and the **** thing. Those are their issues to work out. Try not to concern yourself with marital issues. You can only work on your relationship with your dad.

thank you i'll try

I hope that helps a little. It was onky a suggestion.