I love my husband very much and discovered that he's been cheating on me ever since we got married 4 years ago. I want to accept this because I don't see him stopping anytime soon and I can't imagine life without him. How do I accept his cheating ways?
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My mantra has been that we teach people how to treat us..... If we allow them to continue, they will..

Find someone else while ur with him. Hopefully u'll grow to like that person better and you can leave the jerk.

Your living a lie.You don't have to live like that get the courage to get out of it there is no need for you to tolarate that kind of nonsense he has moved on now you do as well .You're a better person than that.Believe in yourself cause you are so worth it...god loves you

take small steps - find you. Build your life separate from him but together if that makes sense. Do things separate from him and allow him to do things separate from you. He is nothing but a security blanket. When you begin to find who you are you may find that he is simply baggage.

It's not an easy journey to find yourself - but you owe it to yourself and others around you, especially if children are involved.

I had a similar experience with a life partner of 30 years. I tried to accept it, even allow him to continue to see her since it was out on the open, but unfortunately, acceptance will be hard....to be honest, you will probably never will be able to. We fool ourselves when we say we can accept it and move on, but it will become something that will eat away at you and end up destroying your spirit. My advice is, let him go, and give your love to someone who really deserves it. Once a cheater.....always a cheater.

sorry to hear.
I m amaze has to you wish to stop him from his cheating habits and not want to leave him.
U seems to be really in deep love for him but does he deserve ur true love?

better figure it out first - you really want him to be urs only.. wht if he starts cheating again.

u hv to clear the sky. express urself.

I am not a hundred percent sure, but ask God, and confront him in a nice loving way give him an ultimatum, you don't want to be with someone who does not love you enough to cherish you and only you sexually and emotionally.