Accepting is never easy. I sometimes feel like life's no longer worth living for. I have bad family problems, my parents divorced when I was a kid and my friends seem don't care at all. I don't have anyone to listen my story so here I am. What should I do?
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But accepting is also one of the best step to take by an individual to move on...see that's life..& remember their are always people out there in worst condition then the best thing you can do is forget the past..plan for the future(like what you wanna do in your life) & start working on what you want to do from today itself & ignore the rest..remember you are beautiful..GBU

God bless you too :') thankyou for your deep words, I love it. And yes I'll start working in it!

People who care will always make time to listen one way or another. I believe everyone goes through hell in life and everyone has it different. Having someone to either listen or guide you is something no one can live without.

I am sure a lot will be willing to listen to you and share encouraging words to lift you up.

I'm sure there are people :) thank you for your words

Hey, if you feel like you need someone to talk to, I'm here, just msg me, if you want someone to listen, I don't mind? : )

Thank you very much! I will!! :) it's very nice of you

No problem, glad to help. : )