I have a big family as well and my mom adopted 27 children including me and every one of us has a disibility sometimes it's nice other times it's horrible and I wish I was never adopted the thing about my family is we can so much because their is so much if us so on summer holiday we don't go any where it to much money and that's why I hate summer holidays it a break but al we so is be board and work but it's almost school that's what sucks, that I have a learning disibility I struggle in school a lot and is behind in my class wish makes me mad frustrated and sad and angry because i want to be like every one else smart but I'm the stupid one I tried talking to a teacher about it but I just could not say everything that's in my heart and in my head
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Get a hobby going , and anything around will not matter, just give love to ur family and get back to being the beautiful u. I hope this helps.

I've spent my whole life wishing I was like every body else, but we are who we are. Everybody is smart in their own way you just have to figure out what your good at your only young just please know that feeling like sadness anger guilt are what hold us back don't let them control you. You can do whatever you want to do all that matters is love and happiness

Thanks but I also have spinabiffida so I was lucky that I can walk but I can't do gymnastics and can't do dance wish makes me mad I can't even touch my toes so I don't know what I'm good at any more

Honestly that sucks, but all you can do is live every day as it comes. You can get lost worrying about what you haven't got and what you want, all we can do is except what is and that's hard I know but you can be happy shark34 if you want to be.