Why can't my mom understand me??? I know that I am wrong but I am doing my best. Why should she be mad all the time instead of helping my problems? I mean like we're having arguments yesterday but it does not mean that she should talk about it and get mad at me again now right? Why can't she just get over it.
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It's a tough situation because you are the child and she should be trying to make things right with you, not the other way around. She is the parent, not you. I think you could tell her how much you love and need her advice and guidance at this point in your life and how all the arguing is affecting you. and if she is still arguing and harsh with you I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Yeah it really is a tough situation. Although she's not really harsh on me, I just want her understanding. Anyway, thank you very much on your advice!

You and the argument that you had the day before more than likely is not the real issue she is mad about. When she is not mad or frustrated, start asking her advice about lighter, but important subjects to you. Once she knows you like talking to her about other things she may put that wall down.. And then when the more serious subjects come up then she won't be defensive and will talk to you with a more open mind and heart. Sweetie give her a break raising teenage girls is very hard thing to do, you are all so complicated and different. thankfully mine are all grown up and now have children of their own....

Good advice

Thank you!! This advice comes from many years of arguing with my own mother growing up… And then raising my daughter and arguing with her. And now it has come full circle because she has a daughter that is four years old that already has strong opinions and is arguing with my daughter (her mom) lol. I love it!!!

Thankyouu very much for your advice! :) I'll work it out with my mom

The solution is in communicating instead of arguing. I'm not there but I would guess that both you and mom are both raising your voices out of anger. It is natural but unproductive. Understanding (her understanding you and you understanding her) will only come when voices are lowered. Remember that listening is just as important as speaking. See if she will sit down with you and calmly discuss the situation. As your parent she has a responsibility to instill a good sense of values to take into your adult life but you need to show her that you are growing up and becoming a responsible young lady. There's a delicate balance that can only be achieved through a change in behavior from both of you and it starts with understanding which starts with communication. Good luck!

Well said!

I think you're right, maybe I should give her time. I know that she won't settle down immediately but I'll talk when she had. :)

She probably thinks she is doing the right thing to guide you. Tell her how u feel...