I sent my boyfriend off to college this morning -- I thought I was okay, but I had a hectic day that kept me distracted and by the end of the night I was crying. I currently can't sleep and I can't stop missing him. I'm moving into college myself this Saturday but I just can't seem to get excited for it...it feels so stupid because it's not as if we're breaking up or going to schools thousands of miles away (they're about a two hour drive apart)...we still text all the time and we did get to video chat a small bit today but the second I'm not talking to him anymore the loneliness hits hard.

I've told myself and him so many times that while I wish we were going to the same school, I'm glad we will get to develop independence while living and relying on ourselves...

But in the end I would give up all of my attempts at convincing myself to believe that just to be and stay with him.

I'm really hoping everything will get better.
jycdartmniac jycdartmniac
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014