I was adopted been knowing it all my life I had the greatest adoptive family one could have they were an older couple and past away early on in my early adult hood .I also was raised with two adoptive sisters but we are not that close . I finally set out to find my birth relatives because I wanted to know where I come from some history. So I
found my biological mother . I reached out to her to because I wanted to know the whole truth to my existence . I believe I was conceived through rape of a family member. I believe this is the reason I was given away . If this is true to how I was conceived than I am hurt and sad that my biological mother had to go through such a horrendous act against her. I would never make lightly of her hurt and pain I sympathize with her and hate the fact that this could be how I was conceived. However in reaching out to her I knew there was a great chance she would want nothing to do with me , I am truly something she wants to forget I get that . She has been married several times and has had six more children since me . I have two sons myself and they ask who are there biological relatives . I have found a lot of my biological relatives live in South Carolina , Orangeburg that is so I contact them too . But my biological mother lives in Maryland not far from me at all . Now I am a Christian woman she is Jehovah witness why does she hate me so . I have done nothing wrong to her . I'm just the product of something that went horribly wrong. Why can't she find any love in her heart for me if she knows God . I have reached out to my suppose to be siblings but they act very afraid to talk with me because of her . I see the hurt and pain in my boys eyes when they see she can't and won't ever have any love for me in her heart . No matter what I am still a part of her . I hold no I'll will or hate for her just don't understand it all . I'm not looking for a mother just wNt to know the truth from her . Don't want anything from her or her relatives , just want the truth and to know if any relatives would and could acknowledge that I'm here and I am human and I want to be excepted and loved too. Someone can you explain what you think personally . I have stop trying to know her but I have to admit it kinda hurts. Asking God to help me with the Serenity Prayer .
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My mother was adopted and it has made her emotionally distant. You sound like a wonderful person. You can't change how your mother reacts to you. You have raised a new family with plenty of love, cherish that. Take peace in the fact that you tried to connect, you did your part. Take care.

Thanks for the advice and kind words😇