this is a tough situation, I thought everything was fine and find out my husband wants to be with a coworker instead of his family and I'm having a hard time with it but know the future will be better
smcasey78 smcasey78
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Yes one day it will get better. It's either he realizes that he needs to change or that you have to move and make a change...

Tell him to go **** himself. Sorry I'm bitter.

Don't give up if you love your husdand

Hmm, I'm sorry to here that smcasey, but it seems your outlook on your future is in the right direction. Keep your chin up, you will make it through this. Always remind yourself it's 100% his loss. His decision will not bring him anymore happiness than sticking it out with you and the family. Getting through the ruff patches is what real men do, the good husband puts a side his selfish desires and stands up for his family. I hope everything works out for you hun. Feel free to message me if you need anything, thats what EP is all about :-)