have you seen the latest trend swarming the net ? other than the makeup transformation thing , ? yep ! the ice bucket challenge , I was kinda curious , so I've been thinking what was the real purpose ? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against it.
i heard when you accept the challenge there are "supposed " to be donations to made something that would benefit other?? Just like fun runs ? but lately all i can see is nomination of who's who then doing the challenge capturing it to videos but no donations , just something to brag about with peers .

My point is , different countries have been participating and it could make a big difference only if we follow the real essence of the game .

and I'm here sharing my opinion to you guys cause i don't have someone to talk to about this , they could probably think I'm making such a fuss about it but i just need to let it out . and here i am stressing myself over something thats out of my control .

and its making me really sad , people forgetting the real sense of something ..
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3 Responses Aug 25, 2014

People do that too often anymore. My friends daughter wanted to do it the other day. She didn't even know how to explain what it was all about. My friend made her daughter look it up and give her reasons why she wanted to participate before she started. Still turned out kinda bunk tho, cuz she didn't have her raise money and they only used half full small pales of hose water...no ice at all.

I agree with you. I think it's become less about donating money to charity, and more about "I'm popular because I got asked to do it". Especially, with younger people. They usually don't have the money to donate to charities to begin with. I know that it's supposed to raise awareness, and it has, but a lot of them don't even say anything about a charity. Just my opinion.

I'm all for raising awareness for different diseases and charities, but I do think this has gotten a little out of hand.

Y do try to change things..!!! Take only the things u need to your side....!!