My mother hates my husband now. she is kicking me out the house , because I choose to stay with my husband. She screams , and fights with me everyday . She said she will fight with me everyday until I leave in Oct. Its stressing me out, and I can't do nothing about until I leave her house. She hasn't had no respect for me in a long time , but I think our relationship between me and my mom will get better when I move . I hope she can stop calling me stupid , and all the other horrible names she calls me. It hurts , but I have no control on how my mother is.
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I can't, for some reason I blame everything on myself. Then I have a row with myself and end up biting my arm to stop myself getting too loud. Then everyone would hear and think I'm nuts. I can't blame them though.

mothers cant hate their child. never ever. if you move on...don't say any harsh words to your mother, she will come around someday be polite and gentle with her. if her words doesn't help then only think that she raised you and turned you into what you are today.

Does your husband not live w you?

No, I kicked him out a month ago

What is it she doesn't like about your husband?

He hasn't help me with bills in yrs, and has been treating me great as a husband should . I wrote about my husband in my first post I put up , it's pretty bad, but I have to just keep going with positive outlook in my life , because I have no other choose.