I am moving out after 11 years of marriage. I am a great father but my ex wasn't "happy" anymore. So many unanswered questions.
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Haven't been married but my gf of 6 years is leaving because she's not "happy". So much time wasted and so much love thrown away

I agree, but I have children, so that isn't wasted. This "unhappy" is for the birds. I am a good man that took great care of my ex. She will see what she has lost one day.

I also have a child. I dropped everything from them both. I became what she always wanted and she just casted me aside. I don't have 3 kids but I get it. One day hopefully they will understand

you seem to be a good and positive person, in comparison, i feel many regrets after my gf left me as was my fault for many things. we both trying to understand the harshness of life.

Hopefully. It hurts and my ex shows no sign of emotions which makes it worse on me. I wonder how long she has used me.

Yeah they usually don't show signs of anything cold hearted.
Good luck bro

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how old are your kids?