Another fight going on between my mom, and dad right now at the moment. I finally noticed who is really there, but can't show it. My father.

He can't show it because he works all night, and must sleep in the day to catch his rest.

So much fighting. I can't take it. She does nothing! She has no job! Shes a freeloader! She blames things on me and my dad! He just spent almost all his money on me and my brother for school supplies. She only payed for my books, and a school bill.

I'm tired. I can't do it anymore. No break, and no rest. I walked into the house happy from being with my dad today, and the good mood was ruined by her and her unneeded attitude.

I keep telling myself two more years in high school, and that I can hold out and stay in school most of the days so I don't have to be here around her. But this is becoming too much. I want her to go. That's not my mom! My mom was never like this!

My dad loves this woman and shes a piece of garbage. When shes wrong she wants to yell over you. Why the hell I had to be put in this situation?
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I hate my mom 2.

Must be something in the water

Nice blocking technique @jhenifad, A comment and run. I don't have time to argue with an immature person who's arguments is invalid. If my ridiculous problem is bothering you stop commenting, or keep scrolling. If you keep commenting I'm not gonna respond. I'm taking the higher road, simple as that.

well u need to speak up

Well I don't keep my mouth shut. I havent for 4 years

thats reallly good

Maybe u can stay with ur dad once he gets his own place

If they ever separate for once which I doubt, but I will definitely live with him if that ever happens

Hang in there