I am struggling with 2 aging alcoholic parents. My mother is very sick with late stage emphysema, and my father is dangerously emotionally abusive. While I have maintained some sort of a relationship with them, I am now struggling to create more distance for myself from them for self protection. My father gets drunk and harasses me with late night emails that have to be read as a deranged 'word salad'. He has no self control and my mother has never acted on my behalf. While I have always had love in my heart, I feel very strongly that I need to heal my spirit. My life with them has been a long, painful road.
Since my mother has been increasingly ill, my father has been drinking and raging in the most abusive manner. I have been told that his behavior is the result of alcoholic dementia, although he has always had a dangerous temper that results in physical and emotional abuse. Does anyone have any feedback or advice regarding his condition? I am a wife and a mother and desperately need to find peace.
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Getting away just creates more anger and frustration. Everytime they arent home throw out the beer and maybe ask a friend to help you get them into rehab. If your father gets to aggressive, i'm sorry to say this but, call the police. I'm not sure if this helped but just dont move away, your mom is really sick and youve got to help both of them!!

I don't have any advice regarding his condition .... he would have to stop drinking for there to be any changes there .... but I do have some advice regarding YOUR condition .... look into either AlAnon or ACOA meetings ..... ACOA is Adult Children of Alcoholics .... you'll find help in distancing yourself ... emotionally ... from their behavior .... good luck ...