I am trying to accept my ex being mean and hurtful to me even though he tells me he has someone else, if I retaliate he tells me to let my anger go and move on...grrrr
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Be yourself. Dont take his crap. you deserve better.

seriously i feel sorry for you i haven't been in that situation but i understand how you feel and hope you muster the courage to get through this. (sounds like a tough deal)

Please don't try to hurt him, not even by been kind, it won't do you any good, you will most likely just regret it later and maybe even give him reasons to get away from you.
More important than him is you. You are feeling hurt. It's seems like he is the cause of that, but I am here to tell you that it's not the exact cause. There is something missing there, you can you feel it, don't you? Something isn't right on the way the feeling work. Understand the cause of the feeling, the true cause and he won't be able to hurt you anymore. Your happiness won't depend on whether he says this or that.
But how to find the cause, right? Well, I could try to explain to you here, but there is a way better person to do so. He won't tell you how to distract or aliviate the bad feeling, he will tell you exactly why it is there, and then how to solve it.

Hope it's useful to you.

In the same boat! Working on the moving on part but it is so hard!

After 24 years of less than happy marriage I am willing to move on.

Thank You :)

I had an abusive husband. I stayed longer than I should b/c of the kids. When I did get divorced, he started dating immediately & tried to rub it in my face. It really pissed him off that I was actually RELIEVED that he had moved on to someone else. He remarried 2 years after our divorce. I thought that would be the end of it, that he'd leave me alone. He was furious that I wasn't jealous (even tho I was single & perfectly happy being on my own with the kids). He caused trouble and drama for 10 YEARS after the divorce (even his wife was sick of it) all because he couldn't handle the fact that I was fine and happy on my own and his new life did not bother me at all.

Apparently he had this woman before you broke up.that is how these pigs operate. You are a queen you deserve someone better.focus on you. When you focus on him he has power over you...I know from experience ..good luck

I pity her to be honest just can't understand the nastiness if he is that happy why has he got to keep telling me I see no need to tell him about my life