Should I?

I'm so tired of acting. I just keep having to repress my real feelings. I want to be myself! I hate having to conform to society's expectations of me. I want to go wild and go wolf.
I'm worried though.
What should I do? Be myself, or conform?

Gotta say, when it's put like that, the answer's obvious.
ShadoWolfx ShadoWolfx
13-15, F
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Never turn away from who you are!

I have a woods in my backyard. At night I go out there and find the place I like to sit and I mededtate. I howl. I let my true self takeover. And I can howl as its ten a brew of woods no ones gonna cal other police. Just try that.

Thanks :). Yeah, I just got back from walking my dog. Up the hills, early in the morning, no one around. I had a good long howl.

that sounds really nice. sometimes I wish I'd never moved to the city

Maybe you should move to the country someday.

maybe in another province

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You're right the answer is obvious, however, for safety's sake you need to find outlets, places and times where you can be completely yourself without fear or negative repercussions. Long walks at night where I get a chance to howl used to help for me a lot. Good luck with passing for human, we're all in this together in a way

Yeah, I try and do that too but it's increasingly hard to get away.

In that case I guess you'll need a hobby or two that speaks to your animal side. Maybe something to do with nature or old world spirituality. Some good natured rp'ing wouldnt be a bad idea either

Cool, okay. Thanks for your help :)

Any time. I know what it was like to be young and having this other side of you screaming to get out. We should be free to express ourselves

Yeah, that'd be nice :)

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