Trying Anyway

I have wanted to be a writer ever since I was a child. There was a time when I was 100% sure that I could make it happen, but I'm not so sure now. I write to vent. I write because I know I am good at it and every time I let someone read my work, they confirm that. But my biggest dream was always to publish a novel, and I don't seem to be very good at finishing long stories.

Short stories come easy to me. So does poetry. But to write something that actually needs a complex plot, deepened characters, that takes time and a patience I don't possess. Not yet anyway. I'm a good story teller and I know what I can do takes talent. It's my hope that I'll learn patience as I get older and maybe then I can pursue this old dream.

I don't have much time for it right now either. I'm studying to be a social worker and it's taking up quite a lot of time I used to spend with friends. They miss me, and I also have a boyfriend I want to be with as much as I can.

I could of course see if I can get some of my poetry published. I have so much stored on my computer. But the truth is, I guess, that I'm afraid it won't be good enough. I'm afraid that if I pursue my dream, I will ruin it. And my dreams mean too much to me to take that chance lightly.
TheRealJade TheRealJade
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2012