So How Do I Get Rid of These #$@% Gophers!?!

I took an an environmnental science class once & learned a lot about pesticides & herbicides, etc., and since then have been very conscious of what products I use in and around my home.  We have this beautiful hill on our property right behind our house & the gophers are just tearing it to pieces!  I really really don't want to use something poisonous & awful.  Besides, I have a teeny weeny dog who almost died from flea drops once (happens a lot with Biospot, according to my research!).  Any ideas on how I can get rid of these damaging pests in an environmentally friendly way???? 

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

We did find something that worked: Castor Oil granules! I figured if they didn't leave, they'd sh** themselves to death (just kidding---I really didn't want to KILL the little cuties.....)

well, I have tried many things, but blunt force is what actually worked best. We tried gas, human hair, pellet guns, smoke bombs etc....nothing worked. We have a large dog now so that has cut them out considerable, but they do still show up, closer to the road (the dog doesn,t go there). <br />
I have tried putting dog poop down their many holes, maybe you can try that (from a neighbour). I don't know if that worked or just having the dog around. For years they ruined my garden and ate everything. <br />
Good luck, they are real pests and multiply quickly!