For those who dont know me.. I am currently in a long term relationship which has been going dry over the last 4 - 5 years, I have made every effort to stay in shape in hope she will want and appreciate my body however she just never seems to want me!  So the issue now is that i am trying to be faithfull but it just aint easy!!  I still see my ex every week as shes the mother of my little girl... I saw her today and although shes now married she is going through a bad patch,  she has always been very flirty especially after a drink and has come on to me many times even stealing a quick grope when i have been out with my missus, am worried now that shes gonna make a play for me and she even hinted that if / when she throws her husband out she would be available for me...... she still has everything i wanted when we first met and is gorgeous so i just dont know if i will be able to say NO!  I know it would be a bad idea to pursue sexual relations with her but am just so frustrated at home, and cant stop thinking about her! My life is madness.

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Remember she's an ex for a reason and it sounds like you love your current chica even though she isn't giving you any. I don't know what to say though, it sounds like she's not even really talking to you about it and just kind of making you feel like a perv for even wanting it. I don't think either situation is really fair to you, but I would hate to see you lose someone you care about over sex... or lack thereof