Self Improvement Is a Two-edged Sword...

It's good that I want to better myself, but sometimes it takes so much concentration and effort that I disconnect from the people around me without even knowing it. And that's no way to be either. Because sometimes your loved ones are happy with the way you are and don't want to lose you to the next "project".

But I can't help myself. I have an image in my head of who I should be now — and I'm not there yet. What does one do when the world is happy with you but you are not happy with yourself?

Therefore, it is good to be mindful of others and focus less inwardly. That will make me a better person anyway. But it's hard.
hellosailor hellosailor
36-40, M
2 Responses Oct 13, 2006

HI..!! Welcome to your 40's..!! This is what happens as we age and grow..To be quite honest with you,These have been the best yrs of my life..My kids are all well and on their own and for the 1st time<br />
in my life it's just me that i'm responsible for.I look back and see mistakes that i made and regret<br />
them.Yet,their in the past,so I keep moving on..I was Blessed to meet and marry The Man of My Dreams..So I keep Smileing...When you get in ur car today Look at urself in the rear<br />
view mirror....Now look out ur windshield.....Look at both...The rear view is small,whats ahead of u is wide open...Keep Moving...

i to had a vision of where I would be at this point in my life but I'm not where I want to be. What I did is took another look around and seen what accomplishment I did make and I have learned to accept what I have and where I'm at and appreciate it. It is a bit hard though especially when your a real determined person. If we can love ourselves and what we have now the rest will follow in due time.