Mostly through my studies of buddhism, I've become more interested in my fellows and less interested in self-seeking.  Of course I am far from perfect and constantly have room for improvement.  In many ways I am a self-serving bastard still but I know I am better than I was a few years ago.  Baby steps ya know.  I've learned to be a better listener.  To actually listen to and process what someone is saying before you think of what you're going to say.  As opposed to thinking of what you're going to say next as the other persons mouth is still moving.

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2 Responses Jun 7, 2007's an ongoing project but well worth it. I now have a girlfriend for the first time in a long time and I'm having to be extra attentive and careful to listen.

What a great thing to learn! If only everyone could just listen and not think about what they're going to say next! That's a hard thing to learn and do. Props to you!!