Am I Heartless?

It's not that I'm selfish. I care so much about people, and I try my best to express that. I'd do anything for the people I care about.

It's just that I'm the one everyone turns to for advice, counselling and sympathy. And now sometimes when people are talking to me I find myself thinking about my weight, instead of focusing on them 100%.

I don't mean it, and I certainly don't want to become self absorbed.  I am trying to think of other people and stop obsessing about myself and how much I weigh today and how many calories are in that meal... etc.

I think I'm just tired of everyone else now, because all they do is complain to me about their lives. It depresses me. I'm tired of listening to that. That's awful, isn't it?

mooshmoosh mooshmoosh
18-21, F
Feb 5, 2007