Changing Our Ways.

I have always wanted to recycle, and I have done it for a while, but not religiously and not like I should. Well recently our city implemented an awesome recycling program. We have huge trash bins/carts, like our usual trash containers 90 gallon or so. And it is for a Mainstream recycling program. We put all of our recycling in there, and take it to the curb every two weeks. WOW, has this changed our lives tremendously.

I generally would have 5 bags of trash per week to go out to the regular trash. Generally only recycling my milk jugs and laundry soap containers, because it was a pain, sorry, but it was. Here in Michigan, of course we always bring our pop/soda cans back because we have a 10 cent deposit on them, so by bringing them back you get your 10 cents back for each can. Other than that, we were not big into "green".

Now, I have filled my recycling container to the max, having to smash it down even. Boxes, plastic bags, empty canned goods, milk jugs, water bottles, cardboard, etc... And the past month, I have only had about 1 to 1 1/2 bags of actual trash to go out to the trash company. The rest was all recycling. Which is pretty amazing to me. Primarily the only thing going into the "trash" is food waste and diapers. I am still so amazed at how much is actually recyclable. Now every time I walk past our kitchen trash I sneak a peak to see if anyone has thrown anything in there that could be recycled... if so, I'll grab it out, wash it up, and throw it in the bin. The kids even argue over who's going to go outside and throw the recycling stuff into the bin. It's great to see them understanding the value of our planet.

My 7 year old is also very conscious as to turning off the lights, lecturing us about energy, which I try to conserve, but my 5 year old is still learning. They both know the value of turning off the water to brush their teeth, turning lights off when not being used, turning things off as we are not using them. Conserving on water, not littering, picking up any trash others leave on the streets, etc... We also decided to change over all of our lights about a year ago to the new bulbs. The kids had a blast doing that also. We are also slowly replacing our appliances with energy star rating appliances. Just this past year we got rid of our old TV and got a new flat screen, and got a new dryer. This dropped our electric bill over $60 a month!!! We have already saved the money to pay back the television, and are swiftly on our way to saving enough to pay back the dryer. It amazes me!!

Every little bit helps out. I am proud that my children know about being green, and even though we have a long way to go, I am quite proud the strides we have taken in the past 12 months to make such a change. Now every time I throw something into the recycling bin instead of the trash I get a bit if pride building up and think how that just saved a tree....
CuriousCritter CuriousCritter
31-35, F
Oct 3, 2010