Things We Do....

I make my own laundry detergent.

Winter: I turn down the heat to 65 when my family is home, 55 when we are not and 63 about 1am to 7am when we are in a deep sleep.

We dress warmer in the home during the winter instead of turning the temperature up which to us is wasteful.

We unplug electronics when not in use.

We have a place in our garage for sorting out our recycling center items.

We are excited to see how much trash we actually make when the kids I babysit have gone elsewhere here in the next few months. 56 days left until I'm babysitting free! Diapers, non-recycling food containers they pack.....

My kids have a timer in the bathroom they turn on for 5 minute showers.

I actually use a pitcher in the shower to limit my water use. I pour it over my head and am down to less then a handful of refills.

I don't wash my hair everyday... I have a small hat collection I've inherited from my late Grandmother.

This summer the kids and I are going to try to limit our car use to two days a week. Sunday - church and Saturday - farmers market/recycling unloading/grocery and toilet paper etc... shopping at local market that holds healthy green things.
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Here's an idea if you are or know someone handy. I wired our entertainment center with a switch and several outlets that are switched and one that is not switched. The TV, DVD and the Wii are plugged into the switched outlets. The Sattelite DVR is plugged into the unswitched. When we are not watching TV we just hit the switch and it stops power to all devices. The DVR being unswitched is still able to record the shows we want to see. I bought a Kill-a -Watt meter and we went from 75 Kwh per month before the switch to @ 15 Kwh after the switch.