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I remember being about 10 years old and recieving a package in the mail from my aunt that contained a book from the Kids for Saving Earth organization. She had picked it up for free at a stand in the mall or something, and decided to pass it on to me. My best friend Miriam and I thought the book was great, and decided to start our own Kids for Saving Earth club. We set up a clubhouse in her basement and set to the task immediately. We worked pretty hard at our child-sized projects for a few months or so (until something new came up!), but it wasn't hard to push the club to the back burner because, of course, we were the only two members! Growing up, I heard random mention in school about making efforts to save the environment. We were taught about recycling for example... and of course, my little sister (who was a huge Barney fan) was always singing that big purple dinosaurs song about "never letting the water run" when you brush your teeth. But for the most part, I grew up in suburbs that never thought twice about driving a few blocks down the street, never really put those yellow/blue recycling bins out on the road, and didn't really thing about where the trash ended up after you stuffed it in those plastic bins and the magical truck came and took it away. It seems as though talking about organic food, recycling, preservation, and the "3 R's" was left to a certain type of person... hippies? Urban Hippies? "Crunchies?" However, thanks to Al Gore and his documentary on Global Warming, it seems as though saving the earth is actually becoming a task at hand for... well, everyone on it. The other day at the gym, I had sadly forgotten to bring my own magazine or book to read, and was left with only ONE option of reading material for my 30 minutes of Cardio... a copy of Elle magazine. Normally, I won't be caught dead holding a magazine like Elle, or any fashion magazine for that matter. However, left with the choice of staring at a blank wall or reading a magazine, I had to choose the magazine. Much to my surprise...this copy of Elle was ENTIRELY on being "E-Friendly." No, not electronically friendly, as the letter E used to mean for so many years... we are talking ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly... Elle? The entire article featured fashions, beauty products, and "romantic getaways" that were all Environmentally Saavy... basically, these were earth friendly products and services but with the price tag a loyal "Elle Woman" would expect to pay = $$$$$! It was while riding that exercise and reading Elle that I realized... encouraging people to be environmentally friendly in their purchases is not only smart, it's a money making GOLDMINE!!! Make people throw all their nasty, paraben bearing products away... and have them buy NEW "ALL NATURAL ORGANIC" products. Companies that don't comply to environmental standards? Psh psh... let them go out of business, don't they deserve it anyway? From food companies, to clothing companies (even cotton can be organic! Or better yet, make shirts out of hemp... bamboo... driftwood...), to makeup and car companies... there are TONS of opportunities to market to people who are looking out for the environment. And it's not just the hippies or bohemians with limited incomes that are seeking these products... it's CELEBRITIES! The RICH! People with high disposable incomes!!! I walked into Chapters yesterday, and right in front of me was a whole new line of school and work products... all designed from recycled paper! Biodegradable! Made with Rice/Coconut/Bamboo!!! All corporate products, probably from the same companies that make the stuff that takes 500 years to disappear... Essentially what I'm talking about here, is corporations. Corporations, along with their market researchers, have clearly tapped into what people want... they want in on the latest trend... saving the earth! Now on with the mass production of earth friendly products! There is money to be made! How do I feel about this? Mostly, I am glad. If there is going to be a trend that big corporations buy into, it may as well be saving the earth, promoting awareness, and working to preserve the environment. I'd much rather see companies putting their money toward advertising for a shiny environment than just advertising shiny things. However, part of me also wants to tell them to screw off because they are the original source of the problem, and that their involvement just looks boldly ironic and is rooted in greed... Thoughts?
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Jacob1080David was giving you the straight story! There have now been FIVE Solendras to fill Obama's campaign coffers. If you think about where the electricity used to charge your battery powered cars comes from, you'll realize it comes from the most hated by Obama source, coal! The discount to make it competitively priced, comes from the overburdened taxpayer. Maybe we could charge a tax on the high producers to leave the country to go to one where their talents are appreciated. T. Boone Pickins, one of these 1% came up with a plan that would work, now! He saw the problem in 1955 and came up with a solution then. Obama wants to develop fuel from algae, what's he going to run for next? But if you still swallow the Al Gore crap there's no hope for you on Obama!

there is a term i like, called "greenwashing"

in my opinion, it refers to lies about being green, or enviromentally friendly.

There are many green technologies that are simply a lie. These technologies offer minimal enviromentally friendly benefits, and quite frequently, produce bad effects that are worse than what they are replacing.

For example, flourescent light bulbs designed to reduce power consumption, don't even do any better than incandescent bulbs that are designed right. Moreover, the use of flourescent light bulbs is a scam as big as flouride. Flourescent light exposed people to mercury, breaking a bulb on accident can kill you, not just cut you. Or at least being exposed to that mercury will hurt you a bunch. Also, the power that flourescent light bulbs use, is power rapidly pulsed on and off. Not constant power like other bulbs, but really high frequency electrical interferance. Ever wonder why kids do bad on tests? well, the electromagnetic poisons hovering above their heads aren't helping anything.

The electric and hybrid cars are supposed to be a solution to petroleum. This is just a feeble attempt to give the public what they want, and a false solutions such as ethanol is had. Ethanol hurts food prices, and endangers food supplies further with severe genetic modifications that can pollute other food crops genetically. Hybrid and electric cars usually require a giant lead acid battery, or now a lithium battery. Both of which encourage damaging mining activities, and I know lead acid smelting has really bad off gasses. One could say that the carbon output of a v8 is less dangerous than the gasses of lead battery smelting.

Solar panels are a giant scam, there's never going to be enough solar panels to power anything, at least not cost effectively.

You say there's money to be made saving the enviroment, I say money is the problem. The public would have to fork over money in order to change things to more enviromentally friendly practices, only driving the poor poorer. Corporations aren't going to change their ways voluntarily. Sure, there are a few good businesses who do things. There are even a handful on the tv who do a good job being a zero impact on the enviroment company. But how many decades before this is the norm? particularly at this rate of economic growth. Obama was the biggest scammer, he's in office to keep the status quo and continue to bring a police state on the US. He buys a wind farm from china, using chinese debt, and says he's a hero. He loans money to the states to pay their bills, again by printing and borrowing from china, and says he's investing in america's future.

No, he's sabotaging us all into debt slavery. that's the plan, force everybody who doesn't have a dam and a farm, to die by the end of the 2030. maybe 40 if the world is stubborn.

Don't blame Obama for a culture thats been going on for aprox 30 yrs,spend,spend ,spend and to H*LL with consequences,from home to state to country,and in UK as well.Computers telling bankers who can have credit and mostly they said yes.Politicians don't run country's civil servants and bankers do!

Politicians have the power and the duty to run country's civil servants and bankers! They CHOOSE to take the money and look the other way. They also choose to bail out the crooks when they go too far! And why would you not blame the top politician produced by the Chicago Machine?

Obama is but one of many crooks. They are organized, and they control so very very much, it is a very vast conspiracy against the goodness of mankind, they are slowly bit by bit turning this planet into a true hell.

I agree with Cowmaster: don't trust the Big Corporations to care about the Earth! Look at BP! Keeping it local is key! It keeps the money flowing, and it keeps the money flowing where it should be - in the LOCAL economy, and in the hands of small entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it is good to support growing vegetables in community gardens. It doesn't have to be communal farming, I'm not saying that it has to be a kibbutz, but I have seen stories on PBS about inner city neighborhoods that took a blighted, weed-overgrown lot and created a vegetable garden out of it! The people in the community get to have cheap yet healthy food, they can sell their produce in a "farmer's market", and, perhaps, most importantly, both of those activities gets the members of the community out in the streets together! I would say again, but it's possible that their area has been afflicted with crime for so long that some people are chatting with the others in their neighborhoods for the first times in their lives! Maybe not the older folk, but that may be true for many of the younger adults, and kids. Anyway, it fosters communal ties. That's all I'm saying. And that's got to be a good thing. Going Green is good, no matter how you slice it!

Get it? Veggie joke!

Any shift in the right direction is good, but when there's money involved, you can almost always be certain that they aren't doing this for the earth, they're doing it to make money. It doesn't take much to slap a "green" sticker on a slow selling/inferior product to make it fly off the shelf. I wouldn't trust any large company selling "green" products. Truly green products can only come from small, well-organized non-profit groups who put the earth first, and money second.

At the end of the day, if people want green products, they'll buy green products and the non-green manufacturers will go away. Nothing happens overnight though, and as long as people focus on cheap above responsibility the resulting problems will continue. I do agree that any change in the right direction is a good thing.

i agree with TheTardyDodo in that any shift is admirable. i, too, though, question corporate motivations in this (or any) politically aware arena.

I used to muse on this quite a bit. In the end, I came to the conclusion that any shift towards a culture more in harmony with the natural world is a good thing. We all have to start somewhere, after all. And some people will always be slaves to the trend, so better it be a good trend!