Its a Start

i already dont drive anywhere, and my daughters school is right around the corner so i plan to walk her there everyday. i just recently switched all my clorox cleaning products to the clorox green works. they smell way better, and i think they work just as well as their other products. i already recycle, so thats a good thing. next time i go grocery shopping i am going to buy the reusable bags instead of using paper or plastic. i plan on changing out all of my bulbs to the energy efficient ones. anymore suggestions to what i can do would be great....oh, and i already cut back on water and electricity. i cant change any of my appliances or do anything drastic to my home because i live in an apartment. although, i must say, for as old as my apartment is, my electric bill is extremely low......
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1 Response Feb 23, 2008

I bought the bags a month ago and my biggest thing is freakin' remembering to take them in. LOL Good for you though... it's the little things that add up.