Goodbye Car!

As an Environmental Science major in school, I always have been somewhat aware of the impact I am making on the Earth. Living in a major city, it has been easier to be "green". With composting, recycling, second-hand stores, etc being "green" has become second nature.

Well, this past weekend, I decided to take it one step further... I sold my car! Ah! I still cannot believe I am car-less. I have had "Elizabeth" since I was 16. It was extremely hard to part with her, but I know that living in a big city, a car is not a necessity. It killed me every night, as I would circle around the block over and over trying to find parking, thinking about all the emissions being released into the air.

Guess I am a bus/train/metro rider now! Good thing I live within walking distance of work.

Best of luck to anyone else who has recently said goodbye to their car.
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2011

Hahaha i am the same in many ways only i never had a car i really don't believe in them, a bike can be just as great you don't need to worry about gas.

I live in the country and would love to use public transport but it doesn't start till 8 and I have to be at work by 7:45 and it finishes at 6 and on lates I don't finish till 21:15 and the country roads are bad enough in day-light to cycle nearly been knocked off couple times.I do re-cycle most of my things and take garden refise to compost site.

I got rid of my car two years ago and started using public trnsportation as well as riding my bicycle. Sadly my green era has come to an end as my new/old job requires me to drive. I wonder how much bicycle messengers make but then i would have to get a new racing bike.

Good for you, EPAmanda. I appreciate your efforts to help save the planet. If there were only more like you. I still have my car (It's a hybrid) but i hardly ever drive it anymore. I tend to ride my bike most places. There are times when I need it to move large equipment or make produce deliveries that would not be safe on a bicycle. Does your city have a composting program or do you compost for your own garden?

Our city has a composting program, but I also compost for my tiny garden in my backyard. Just learning how to use my "green thumb". Thanks so much for reading my story and commenting!