Not Very Succesfully.

Our local council has an initiative to cut waste to landfill.  Along with the reasonably priced compost bins, they are offering a discount on waste disposers fitted into your kitchen sink -  to deal with the stuff you cannot compost.  What a great idea. With fortnightly waste collections, that bit of chicken skin and fish bones get a bit high in the summer. There are some vegetables that do not compost successfully.  Win-win scenario. Less waste for the council to collect. Our bins dont pong.  So, when we improved our kitchen, we fitted the waste disposer. Got our money from the council and everything should have been hunky-dory. 
Only, it cant deal with chicken skin, or fish bones, or any really fibrous vegetable matter, such as banana skins.
So now, because its more convenient,  we are using clean water and electricity to get rid of orangepeel and teabags, both of which would have previously been composted. while the chicken skin etc still end up ponging in the bin.
Perhaps the council approved model, was based on cost, not efficiency. Whatever the reasoning, this "green" investment has not helped the planet.
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Ah, Well, the dishwasher was second hand, I thought it was neccessary when my husband invited fourteen people for Christmas lunch !! Sometimes i forget its there. We certainly dont use it every day.

That is too bad, nice try council huh?

I don't have a dishwasher either ~~are we the last ones without this modern wonder? :-O I rather enjoy washing dishes. (but I wouldn't wash peanut butter jars out, I bet that took 20 minutes!) If you get a puppy....they like to lick them clean! :-) there is an idea.