Hello, my magickal name is Willow SummerRaven, but most know me by Kennedy. I'm Wiccan. Nature is my life and the base of my religion and therefore I try to be as green as I possibly can. I used to talk to my boyfriend and my friends about it, but they just don't seem to understand why I care so much. This is our home, shouldn't we treat it with respect? I always tell people, would you throw trash around your house and leave it there? And they always say no. So then I come back with, then why would you do that to the Earth? This is our home. And if we don't start taking better care of her, we will all end up paying. With our lives. People just think, "Not in my life-time." But what about your children? And their children? It will catch up with you in some way or another. Do you want you children to suffer through the end? I wouldn't.
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Thank you thats very wise and true advice.Thanks for posting it !