Im Trying The Easy Stuff First

Its really not that hard to begin... I started with a clothes line to dry clothes, not everything, because ironing would defeat the gain , so things that dont really need to be ironed. The simple recycling, everything that can be re cycled is, all food waste goes to the compost pile. I now use Mass transit to get to work, it takes about a half hour more but its connected me with the city in a way I never was when I drove by it. I send everything I can to the Goodwill rather than throw it out. Im committed to this and looking next for bigger projects especially solar power for my house and car
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

LOL ok Dan , naked is very green , I'll keep that in mind

The clothes line sounds like a good start. If you go all day naked you don't have to launder or dry any clothes, or wear them out and buy new. Naked is very green.