Living With A Voise

My name is Katelyn, I have a voice in my head. He tells me what will happen. He is not always right, but most of the time he is. He says that I Mis interpret his words. I find myself losing my self. I find myself becoming him. I find acting talking and doing things in which the way he does. I have been so confused. Every fiber in my body fights him "taking over" but it feels so good and natural to be him. I have a relation ship with him, I call him my husband and he calls me his wife. I try to hide it from him, it feels wrong. Am I restricting myself from who I really am. I need help I admit it. But I talk to him all the time. We watch movies together read stories together. We do every thing together. I used to know he was not real, but now it's really blurry. I can't tell you he is not real, and believe it. Please help I am so confused. I lose myself at school, I loose myself and go into this compulsive trance. I do crazy things to get people to laugh, and I often am made fun at school. I try to embrace myself, but then I wonder we'll he likes girls, does that make me elezbian. I don't know any more. Tell me what I should do.
Katelynlab Katelynlab
13-15, F
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you need to talk to your parents or a teacher and explain what youve said here, they will know what to do

I know I have but my mother denies that it exists. She says I'm confusing at my conscious with a voice in my head. my doctor tried to just prescribe to me antipsychotic pills but she denied them saying that they made her foster children weird because, she used to be a foster parent. She said that she didn't want to see me change Into her other children went there

your mother denied you the pills that your doctor prescribed?

Yes, that is why I asked someone else for help

Well he tried to prescribe them to me, but naturally he must get her concent

She said no

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